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Microscopic Surgery

What is microscopic surgery?
Microscopic surgery is required for certain procedures of the hand that require a high level of magnification. A microscope is used to help visualize important structures such as small blood vessels and nerves that need to be repaired, and specialized instruments are used to perform the repair. Many of the structures are smaller than 1 mm.

Dr. Weinheimer has specific training in microsurgery.

When is microscopic surgery recommended?
Not every injury or diagnosis need microsurgery. Most surgery of the hand and upper extremity can be accomplished with the use of specialized glasses called surgical loupes that magnify the small structures enough to perform the surgery. The use of the microscope is most commonly limited to nerve and blood vessel repairs. To determine if microscopic surgery is right for you, Dr. Weinheimer evaluates the injury thoroughly with a history and physical examination as well as imaging.


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